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The Spores are in!

We ordered Wine Cap mushroom that grow naturally on outdoor beds using woody debris. Each bed will consist of softwood and hardwood chips and sawdust as well as straw since this particular cultivation grows best on straw. I'm choosing this mixture because they seem to do better if the beds consist of a variety of particle sizes. While the media we are using ranges in size, we are looking for quick colonization so branches and larger size debris will not be used, also using smaller debris reduces air space and will not dry out as easily.

These do best in partial shade so we plan on placing these beds at the edge of the field under the tree line. If we have a dry period (which has been the constant), we will have access to water, but too much can suffocate the mycelium. Care and attention to this will be critical. These should produce in two months, give or take, and should produce for several years. We plan on adding fresh material to maintain the health of the beds so we can supply our customers and stand.

Just a quick shout out to NORTH SPORE for helping us get started and providing us with the knowledge we need to be successful with our venture. They are located in Westbrook, Maine and we very much appreciate our Maine businesses and try to support them when we can!

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