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Fall on the farm

Hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again. We’ve been blessed with mild weather; it’s basically felt like an extension of summer. (October and we haven’t yet had a real frost at our place - that’s a first!) The past week it’s felt like fall is finally settling in - hats and gloves in the mornings, T-shirts in the afternoons, and warm sweatshirts in the evenings. These fleeting foggy, crisp mornings pique all five senses and fuel my soul. (One morning our daughter looked like she was gulping and trying to catch non-existent snowflakes on her tongue. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she loved the taste of heavy fall air. That girl ❤️)

We’re picking the fields clean (except the carrots)… tomatoes(!), zucchini, squash (5 varieties), and pumpkins galore! (Warty goblin and Musquée de Provence pumpkins are new for us this year; we love them both.) Next weekend we’re SO excited to be hosting our first Field Talk about the regenerative and sustainable practices we use and how others can implement them, too. (And later we’ll try out our new cider press!)

It’s a busy time, our last big push before the cold weather sets in. It’s also a beautiful time and I really appreciate the minutiae that make this season so spectacular.

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