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Eggscape (not escape)

We have a few different breeds of chickens in our flock, for good reason. Our children are 2 and 8, and they both love all the farm animals... so we choose to keep some Buff Orpington and Jersey Giants. They are big, docile, and don't mind being picked up and held. Hens of each breed lay around 200 light brown eggs per year; the Buffs' are medium-sized and the Giants' are... kinda giant. We also have some Ameraucana hens; they lay medium-sized pale blue or olive colored eggs; also about 200 per year. The bulk of our flock are ISA Browns. They are our powerhouse producers; each lay 300-320 large to extra large brown eggs per year. One of my small joys of life is seeing the basket of newly-collected eggs from the henhouse. I love the beautiful mix of colors. I recently came across the term 'eggscape.' A unique word to define the landscape of the egg basket... it's my newest ag-vocab word and I love it! -mp :)

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