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A Little Dirty is Best

This is how you’ll find the beets on our farm stand… a little dirty. Beets (like potatoes, carrots, and others) are root vegetables; meaning you eat the tuber, or root, that grows underground. They will keep for months if stored properly (see but, in general, keep them in a ventilated, cool place (like a basement corner, 32*F to 45*F) in a ventilated container (like a barrel, cardboard box, or plastic bin with holes). It’s best to NOT wash them first; just knock off any excess dirt and trim any tops (like in beets or carrots) to 1/2in. If you wash them, there’s a chance that the skin will be disturbed; breaking the natural barrier and allowing a place for bacteria to enter. The dirt also helps keep them from losing too much moisture. And that’s why a little dirty is best!

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