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A Community's Strength

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I read the news feeds that come across my phone while I enjoy my morning cup of coffee. The horses, sheep, goats and chickens have all been fed, eggs collected and now it's my turn for that glorious cup of coffee. I get many news articles that float by - mainly ag periodicals - and saw one about the big freeze in Texas; how it is going to raise prices at the grocery store. This is another road bump that should shake us awake that our "systems" are fragile and having local businesses is of the upmost importance.

Last spring we all witnessed this with toilet paper, baby wipes, canned goods, meats, etc. My wife couldn't even buy baby wipes for our son. We resorted to other methods which work, but realize how much we take for granted and that spending time with family is what's most important. I hope that everyone realizes the importance of buying local produce, shopping local and keeping this local economy strong. This gets everyone involved in local agriculture, gets everyone involved in community like it use to be. This model of local agriculture and the small family farm is sustainable and breaths new life year in and year out strengthening communities.

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